The 95+ car chasis type is S14. You will see people refer to their cars by the chassis number. The factory name for the engine is KA24DE. D is for dual over head cam. E is for fuel injected. the 24 is the displacement of 2.4 liter. The older 240SX from '89 - '94 are refered to as S13. THese information is mounted on a silver plate in your engine bay on the firewall. Some times you would see S12 being refered to. These are the 200SX that were on sale in the late eighties.

The 240 name was used in '89 was due to the increase in displacement of the 2.0 in the S12 to 2.4 in the S13 and S14. This change in engine size is to accomadate (sp?) the US preference for non turbo,
and larger displacement engines. Else where around the world the S13, and S14 chassis is still being sold as the 200SX, except in japan, where the S13 fastback are called 180SX (it is still on sale in Japan, with the SR20DET engine) and the coupe S13, and S14 are called Silvia. There is no hatchback S14. Currently the SR20DET in the non North American cars produced about 200+hp. There are some people on the list that are transplanting the SR20DET engine into the North American Spec S13, and S14s. For more detailed history of the engine type, email me.

Be proud of your new car. It is the only front engine Rear drive compact car available. It's handling ability is high.

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'97 S14

i everybody,

I am sure this is more info than anyone really need, but I feel that it will shed light on the overview history of Nissan's cars.

200SX (export versions) included the S12 both hatch and coupe both with 1.8L engine except for the special VG30E and FJ20DET. From
'89 on export 200SX were 180SX. The tail light area thats say 200SX has a smaller line underneath that reads 1.8L intercooled
turbo. the engine is the CA18DET. At '94/95 on export 200SX were the S14 Silvia ('94). Also in '94, the 180SX were facelifted
with the SR20DET engine. '96.5 Silvia were redesigned. '97 export S14 (240SX) got new update. 'export S14 (200SX) also got same
update as US S14. US version of '97 S14 does not have the chin spoiler that the export S14 200SX has. THis spoiler is available
from Nissan North America. I got mine.

I'm sure the following has decent accuracy. I am also sure that it will raise more questions than it answers. Some of the info I
am not sure on, but rest assure that most of the following info is as correct as I can get my hands on.

'88 Last year for the S12 200SX.

'88 May S13 Silvia debut with CA18DET

'89 February Nissan Primera P10 debut (known in US as G20). with SR18DE 125hp. SR20DE version with 150hp. Drive configurations
included FF and AWD.

'89 March S13 180SX debut with CA18DET. Export versions of the 180SX is called 200SX.

'89 May Nissan debut 8th generation Skyline. R32 Skyline. Models included the GTS-4 (AWD) with RB20DET 215hp/27.0kgm. GTS-t Type
M (FR) w/ RB20DET 215hp/27.0kgm. GTS w/ RB20DE 155hp/18.8kgm.

'89 July Nissan debut Z32 Nissan Fairlady Z (300ZX)

'89 August 21st Nissan debut R32 Skyline GT-R with RB26DETT 280hp/36.0kgm (remember the 280rating is required by law).

'89 S13 240SX debut with two version. 1st is the 180SX with the 2.4L KA24E engine. 2nd is the Silvia with the nose of the 180SX
grafted on. Nissan debut J30 platform. Nissan Maxima. Around the same time, Nissan debut the A30 platform Nissan Cefiro.

'90 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R debut. AWD car for the WRC competition. with the SR20DET 230hp/29.0kgm

'91 Sil Eighty and (???) was on sale in japan. the Sil Eighty was basicly the 180SX with the nose of the Silvia. The (???), (I
don't know the name) is basicly the same as the S13 240SX coupe but with RHD (right hand drive).

'91 S13 Silvia received the SR20 engine. Q's SR20DE 140hp/18.2kgm. K's SR20DET 205hp/28.0kgm. S13 180SX receive face lift. S13
240SX receive face lift along with the 2.4L KA24DE. Nissan America starts Selling B13 SE-R (Sentra SE-R)

??? Nissan debuts Nissan President w/ VH45DE (aka Q45 but w/ stretch platform, ie limo).

??? Infiniti debuts Q45 w/ VH45DE engine.

'93 August Nissan debut the 9th generation of the Skyline line. R33 GTS25T Type M debut w/ RB25DET 250hp/30.0kgm. GTSType S w/
RB25DE 190hp/23.5kgm.

'93 October S14 Silvia debuted. Q's SR20DE 160hp/19.2kgm. K's SR20DET 220hp/28kgm. HUD is available as option

'94 Nismo Revealed Nismo R270, a complete turnkey special of the silvia. Has same body kit as the Nismo body kit but a different

'94? 180SX received the new SR20DET engine 205hp/28.0kgm. NA version got the SR20DE 140hp/18.2kgm.

'94 November 7th, R32 GTR Production ended with 43,934 units produced. (not sure whether this is only regarding the GT-R or
includes all other types)

'95 January 6th, Nissan debut new R33 Skyline GT-R w/ RB26DETT coded BNCR33

'95 US got the Sentra Coupe B14 rebadged as 200SX. US got new S14 240SX with the same 2.4L KA24DE. Also Nissan America debutted the

A31 platform. This includes the Nissan Maxima and Nissan Cefiro. Nissan combined the J30 line with the A30 line. THe original
A30 was a FR configuration. It had a RB20DE. Nissan also debut export S14 200SX w/ SR20DET.

'95 September, Nissan Japan debuts new P11 Nissan Primera. SR20DE 150hp/19.0kgm

'96 Nissan stops production of Z32 for export. Last exported Z32 now sits in the Peterson car museum with the special plate thats
reads 300/300. Nissan also ceased export of P10 Infiniti G20 to US.

'96.5 S14 Silvia got facelifted with projector lights and a midwing. S14 Silvia has option of SR20DET (K's), and SR20DE (Q's). K's
is topline version. Both version has option for aero package. There is also rumor of the Nismo GT300 which is a complete turnkey
car of the Silvia similar to the NIsmo 400R. S13 180SX receive facelift again, now has four round tail lights

'96 June, Nissan debut new Cima code Y33 (aka Q45) with two engine options. VQ30DET and VH41DE. The VH41DE is the 4.1L V8 found in
the Q45. Nissan also debut the Cedric/Gloria and Leopard. These three sedans are also based on the same Y33 platform.

'96 September, Nissan debut Stagea station wagon w/ RB26DET.

'96 August, Nissan debut Terrano Regulus (aka Infiniti QX4) with Skyline GTR's drivetrain.

'97 S14 240SX receive the export S14's front and rear bumper. However, did not receive front chin spoiler. Nissan debut the
Frontier Pickup in fall of '97. Infiniti debut QX4 and kills the J30 (Nissan Leopard)

'97 January Nissan debut the redesigned Datsun. code D22 (aka Nissan Frontier)

'97 February Nissan debut updated R33 Skyline GR-R with projector beam, extra grill opening, and deeper chin spoiler.

'97 May Nissan debut the redesigned Nissan Elgrand

'97 June Nissan debut the redesigned Nissan Laurel

'97 October Nissan debut the redesigned Nissan Safari. and Nissan R'nessa

'98 Autech debut MF-T package for the Silvia. 250hp with a F40 style super wing. Nissan debut K's aeropackage with adjustable
angle rear wing. Nissan UK starts selling Nissan Skyline GT-R of a limited lot of 100 units.

'98 February Nissan debut "CUBE"

'99 Nissan America debut P11, Infiniti G20. and also the '99 Nissan Quest

What is the difference between base, SE, and LE('97-'98) S14 240SX ('95-'98)?

This is something I put together from responses to my qustion I posted to the list. I didn't keep track of the names, but the credit goes to all of those knowledgeable list subscribers.

S14 240SX trim line comparison
LE is only for '97 and '98 models
Below is what an SE has:

- 5 lug 16" wheels (base has 4 lug optional alloy 15" wheels)
- Body colored outside mirrors
- Fog Lamps
- Rear Spoiler (side rocker panels on 97/98)
- Dual Chrome Exhaust Finish
- '95: Power antenna standard (so as in LE)(for base, needs 6 sp,CD,amp system)
- Sunroof optional (same in base, standard in LE)
- Front lip spoiler

- Air, Cruise, and tilt
- White-faced sports gauges
- Power everything (base has optional Power package - incl. A/C, locks, Cruise)
- Variable intermittent wipers (fixed in base)
- 6 speaker sound system (std in LE, '96+ base has radio & speakers optional)
- Maplight (without sunroof)
- Upgraded cloth seats
- Driver's side lumbar support (95/96)
- Optional Leather and Security package
- Keyless entry standard in '95 SE (optional in '96)
- Leather wrapped steering and shift nob(manual transmission)
- Passenger side vanity mirror
- Leather and Security optional (not available on base, standard in LE)  - '95-'96: door trims on the leather package in black seude
- '97-'98:door trims on the leather package in titanium
- '97-'98: side sill extensions

- optional VLSD and ABS package (VLSD order option for base) (VLSD and ABS in a single option, if an SE has VLSD, it will have an ABS as well - vice versa)
- Sports suspension and rear stabilizer bar.
- '95: larger front strut piston (22mm vs 20mm)
- '96: larger front strut and rear shock piston '96: leather interior and ABS/VLSD options were combined

Naoki Watanabe
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