2/3 Headlight Pop-up:

It is actually simple to create this 2/3 popup effect, but is hard to explain. Please email me back if you have any personal questions regarding my instructions.

1.) Make sure the headlights are down. Locate where the headlight actuator motors attach to the headlight. You will see a tie-rod looking thing coming from the headlight to the actuator motor arm.
2.) Remove the tie-rod (link between headlight and actuator arm) by pulling it off. Some prying might be nessessary, but be careful, as the tie-rod ends are plastic, and will break.
3.) Remove the motor actuator arm (attached directly to the motor) by loosening the nut and prying off.
4.) Replace the motor actuator arm, but instead of putting it back on pointing downward, put it on at horizontal (i'm not sure if it's pointing forward or backward, just play around and you will see.) Re-attach the headlight tie-rod, and test.
I will try to have illustrative drawings of the headlight mechanism and stripe application on my page by the end of the week. I will post a message when this is completed.
NOTE: When you have this completed, the headlights will come to close about 1/2" above normal. this is hardly noticable, but it is a tradeoff for the lowered popup.

ALSO: There is a company that makes variable headlight popup controllers, though I'm not sure on price or application. This might be the best way to go... Check Options Auto Salon at: http://www.optauto.com  and follow the links in this order PRODUCT, LIGHTING, PIVOT(retractable headlight controller)

Steve Szablya
'89 240SX SE

How can I get the "sleepy Look for my headlites"?

This is a much easier method than the one above. I do this on my 93 s13, it works for 91-94 240s but not sure for 89-90 240s. 
Follow these steps in order:
1. Make sure headlamps are off and in the "closed" position.
2. Get down on your back and look up through the large opening in the lower front bumper.
3. Look directly under the left and right headlamps and find their electronic plugs.
4. Now while you are down there, you can reach through the large opening and unplug the electronic plugs left and right. You must unplug these in order to adjust the headlamp motors manually.
5. Now get off the ground and pop your hood. You should see a headlamp motor next to each of the headlamps. Looks like a single prong.
6. Pull the cap off each headlamp motor. Now you may manually adjust the headlamp angle at any variable by turning the knob. Make sure that both headlamp motors are evenly adjusted.
7. Now turn your headlamps in the "on" position. Notice the motors dont move and the headlamps simply light up. Viola, instant "sleepy look."
**Now in order to get the headlamps in its original position you have to manually adjust the headlamps in the "closed" position via the motor. Then plug the wiring back together.
**It is recommended to have auxilary lighting for driving when doing this at night. (i.e foglamps drivinglamps, etc.)

Jordan C.
Email: [email protected]