Well i know there has been alot of talk about what header companies suck and which ones have a good fit. My question is, forget the price, but which header  company has the BEST FIT?? I really dont want to hear sarcastic comments that prove no fact, I just want to find which one is considered the best. This way i dont have to get pissed and wish i didn't buy the damn thing. Anyone now any fact??? 

Who is the best fit: S&S, Hot Shot, Pacesetter, MSDS, ?????, Who is the one?

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Well, it depends on wether you want one for a SOHC or DOHC. Here's the run down.

PaceSetter: Supposedly has one ready for the DOHC S13's only and supposedly fits well at $199 uncoated. (Ask Mike Lee about this one. It was prototyped on his car).

S&S: There are many different stories about this header fitting and not fitting. There are more stories, however, of it not fitting. I think they have SOHC and a DOHC header. It is also uncoated.

Hot Shot: Has a DOHC ready, ceramic coated for $300. Their SOHC is coming soon. Hopefully very soon. Hot Shot makes some high quality headers. Their headers for the 240 should be pretty good. I've heard a rumor that they make headers in partnership with Jim Wolf Technologies. I don't know if this is true though. Their Sentra SE-R headers make the more HP than Stillen's (about 14hp), so I've read. 

MSDS: Has headers for the DOHC S13's. Don't know how good they are. I've never talked to anyone with them. They are uncoated also.

GUDE: Has headers for the SOHC and DOHC. Chris has one on the list for his S14. There were some fitment problems with the EGR and O2 sensor hookups. This seems to be the problem area of most of the 240SX headers.

Stillen: Who knows?? I think they are working on a SOHC. Don't know when it's coming out, how much it will be or if it will fit. I'm sure it will be a quality piece coming from Stillen. Lets just hope it is priced competitively.

Personally, if the Hot Shot header comes out for the SOHC soon, I'm gonna try it out. It's $300 coated, and they have a pretty good reputation. I'd probably pick Stillen over Hot Shot if they were both out at the same time and about the same price. I'm predicting Stillen's headers will be around $400. I'm not up for paying $400 vs. $300 if they are of the same quality. 

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Faq: What are the best headers for the 240sx?

Sport Compact Car has a 95 or up project 240. They are using HotShot headers and they say they are working great. Only downside was an increase in noise. They ordered an Apexi Silencer to put in their N-1 exhaust. Also were using an Apexi intake. Horse power gains were around 10-12. The headers also looked very cool, high quality.

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