White Face Gauges

The manufacturer is INDOXONE in Rialto, CA. Phone : 909-854-9474

e-mail : [email protected]

Let me tell you, this mod is not for the weak hearted. It's a bitch to get the gauge cluster completely out. All the gauge dial arms are just "pushed" on, but they don't come out easily. This set was labeled for 91-94 240SX, but it fit perfectly on my '89.

I paid $65 from some guy in Canada, so I don't know what they charge if you buy them directly from Indoxone. If you want them, these guys have them. This is NOT an overlay, but a face replacement. Beautiful results, if you are so inclined.

-Bill Bryant

Does IndoXone have a website???

Yes, It took a lot of searching but I came up with a home page. Go fugure it's on tripod! Ok now for the goodies. here it is. http://members.tripod.com/indoxone/index.html

Matt w.
Email: [email protected]

Does anyone make gauges for the 89-94 s13's? Why pay a fortune to have them made?

Sure! Check out http://members.aol.com/a2low240/cg.html for more inforamtion. They are gauge overlays starting at $20

Matt Waldin
Email: [email protected]

Guage Pods

The best fitting A-Pillar guage pods for the 240 are the 1993-1997 Toyota Supra or 1979-1993 Mustang Pods.  I personally have the Supra one.  These do not fit perfect, but with a heat gun, you can shape it perfectly.  Then you need to trim it very little.  Good luck!

[email protected]

Another Pod Install

Well what started off to be just a 15-20 minute cut and secure gauge pod has turned into a 3 day event. I didn't like the way the mustang pod fitted. I mean it looked ok but still wasn't a perfect overlay of the pillar.

Sooooo after some cutting I decided to heat the edges a bit to get it to cover the whole pillar. ok now that looks ok but there are still gaps.

Now comes the plastic repair kit.

I used screws to hold the panel in place over the pillar. I then used the plastic weld that came with thee kit (kindda like a super super glue) and ran it around the entire peace. A few times actually. By the way when it says it bonds skin instantly.. It's not joking.

Ok so after a minute or 2 out comes the screw. I then put in the plugs that came with the pod and a healthy dose of plastic weld. I now sand off the heads of the plugs.

Now comes the mixing of the 2 parts of plastic type bondo.. Works the same way but It's a bit more flexible after it's cured. After applying way to much around all the edges and waiting about 30 mins for it to harden enough to sand, I begin sanding. Much better to use less trust me.

I used my dremel to wear down the big stuff after an hour of trying to do it by hand and used it also to take out all the high edges of plastic on the pod. One coat one night last coat tonight. All done that's why I'm typing this =)

Tomorrow it goes to a near by detailing shop to a guy that does interior re-dying. He told me he can re-dye the pillar for $13us (20 Canadian where I am) Finally what it all comes down to is that I know have a pillar replacement instead of just a pod. All the edges are smooth and the pod looks like it  was made with the pillar. I'll try and get some pictures after it's installed. Total extra cost on top of the pillar.

$10 heat gun (but I still have it for future mods)
$10 plastic repair kit (tons left over for next mod)
$13 for paint.

So really tools don't count. Double the price of the pod and you now have a pillar.. Hope this helps any one that wants a little more than a bolt on peace. Stay tuned for next weeks completion of 3 2"1/6 gauges in old vent location.

David C
[email protected]
90sx se

Another Pod Idea

I just used a 300ZX pod, cut on 1 side and heatgun the sides so they fit the a pillar and then glue and and plastic repair.

Valirianus Lam
Email: [email protected]