4.6 Gear Upgrade from Nissan Comp. :

I noticed now Nissan has introduced a 4.6 rear gear ratio for our beloved R200. I'm not 1000% sure it's the proper R200V or R200 rear end as ours....but it was listed within the 240SX S14 and S13 section in the comp. book....which means salvation for those that don't want to upgrade to turbo or NOS to improve your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.

A 4:08 to 4.6 gear swap is huge...and will probably drop your 0-60 times by over a second. This is a very good upgrade for many of you that don't do a lot of highway driving.

I'd jump at this chance in a heartbeat if I wasn't going turbo...as I geared my old 200SX street car back in 1986...from 3.9's to 4.6's, and on an average 50 second slalom course...it was good for 1.5-2 seconds off my times !!! It changed my car from a slug...to a peppy little accellerator overnight. Gears are good !!

Don Nimi
[email protected]

New tranny gears for 240SX

I've got a 240, 98 KADE24 and I've upgraded the tranny using OS Giken gears. There is modification or regearing for the 3rd gear. Since I got mine turbo'd, it really goes, longer time between shifts. excellent.

Valirianus Lam
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