How do I apply that darn liquid gasket

What are you gonna use to seal it?
I've have great success with Permatex blue #6.

The trick to getting a good even bead is two cuts to the plastic tip.  Then keep the tip perpendicular to the surface as you apply it.  The open side keeps a consistant bead.
Another little know tip.  The size of the bead can be determined by how high up on the tip the cuts are.

Well, it's good for anything where a gasket can be made up.  Water pump, timing cover, oil pan, etc.

Not for intake manifold, anything exhaust, valve cover (at least on the KA), oil filter bracket, oil pump, thermostat housing, thottle-body, etc.

Just where they CAN be made without needing any other gasket material.

Jason Stonebraker
[email protected]

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