What kind of modifications did you have to do to install the 300ZX fuel pump.

Is it wiring, or more to do with hard plumbing. Or was it simply fuel hoses.



It doesn't just bolt in, but it does fit with some tinkering. You do have to remove (beware of the circular hat clips) the original pickup sock from the old pump and replace the sock that comes with the tt(twin turbo) pump. (the tt pump has a long hose attached to the sock) Also, you have to remove the thick neoprene cover of the tt pump to make the pump fit on the pickup "branch". To mount the pump in place, you need to use two Stainless steel hose clamps. I also replaced the old "soft" lines leading to the body mounted hard lines with Earl's -6 lines and covered it with anti-chafing material to ward off abrasion to the gas tank.

Upgrade the fuel pump fuse to 5 amp higher rating. Change the fuel filter to the higher capacity 300zx tt fuel filter. (It still fits like stock!)