Fuel Injector Leaks

I own an 89 240sx 110K. Recently I discovered that it was leaking fuel around the injectors. I replaced the injector "O" rings ( 3 on each injector). I still have the problem. I checked the fuel presure thinking that it might be too high. It's close to the 43psi specified. Any ideas?



Funny..?? I have the same problem on mine. Mine is a 90 240SX and theres about 109,000mi on it. Is the seals suppose to die out at that mileage and the owners have to take it to the dealer and the dealer makes the big $$$ charging you for a zillion dollar in labor for a $15 part. I changed the seals and the problem is still there. Someone wrote that keep buying seals until you get a set that fits. Where there goes the $$$$
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I read the other 2 entries on this subject, and have had similar results. I have a '90 w/ 116K miles, and I started smelling a strong gas smell, so I traced it to the seals on the FI. I replaced them, and found that fuel was still leaking around the #3 injector. I could SEE the fuel pouring out on to the manifold. I was told by the dealer that it might be a cracked injector, but I had inspected them and they were fine. Thank God, because an injector cost $120/ea. Screw that. Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this problem, I have extended my resources and came up dry..... Thanks, Derek
ps. Dealer told me to be glad I didn't have a 300ZX, because the injectors on that engine are around $400/ea x 6 = a load of money. Once again....screw that.


Answered my own question!!! I recently asked if anyone knew how to cure  leaky seals on fuel injectors. Well, after a few days, the amount of gas coming out of the injector was too much to handle, so I broke down and took it to the dealer. They inspected it and told me that I needed new injectors (not 1, but 4!!!) Well, this dealer is pretty cool and only charged me for 15 min. diagnostic (cost me $15), but they wanted $127.00/ea for the injectors. Forget that. Anyway, the point is, that I found some aftermarket replacements that are warranteed, and they only cost $60.00 ea. I installed them myself and cured the problem. The car has 116K miles and is running like new again! The parts came from a place call Automotive machine and supply. They are at www.automotivemachine.com. And for all you guys who aren't looking for super performance parts, they also carry just about everything else for 240SX. I am just an everyday driver looking for reliability in a good looking car, not a race car. Anyway, check it out!!!

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I also had a leaking injector,replaced the o-rings but got the wrong size from a dealer.Went to local parts store and matched up what I needed,for $1.85.They are very easy to change in a 1990.To bad it was a leaking injector but thats easy to change also.


Where can I get great fuel injectors at a great price?


One day I notice my fuel injector was leaking right around the o-ring. I also had problems at full throttle when my engine would cut out. I knew I had a fuel pressure problem. I just didn't know if it was my regulator or that one injector, but then again that one injector was 25% of my fuel system. So, I replace my pressure regulator and all four injectors. The regulator was bought from Nissan for about $100 bucks. Since my 240 has 177,000 miles, it was a good idea to replace all four injectors. Nissan wanted about $140 dollars each injector and Pep Boys wanted about $119 each. I then call Automotive Machine and Supply who sold me the fuel injectors, rebuild by Python, for only $50 BUCKS EACH!!!! Their was an additional charge of $10 each injector as a core charge. But when you mail the old ones back, they refund your money. They also sell rebuild fuel pumps. For the price and great quality, why go any where else.

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Those darn seals aren't working.


I went through three seals on one injector before i realized that I was damaging the seal when i put it back in the rail. Make sure you push it in straight. because I did not remove the rail i was putting the injector in at an akward angle and caused a teeny tiny cut which cause a waterfall of gas.

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