I have a 95, and since I added two bottles of Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner to my tank(At the same time), I find the guage staying at full often.  I fill up and 150miles later its on full, after about 200 miles it starts to drop FAST. It also goes all the way down to empty.   Whats up?

Shawn Schembri
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Shawn, you gotta pull the fuel pump/level assembly out of the tank and repair it. Your float may be screwed up, or leaking, or the mechanism may not be swinging freely. Simple, remove the filler intake, remove the cover,and pull the entire unit out.


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ps, don't smoke at this point buddy.

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An indapendent mechanic would do a good job for a lot less than your local NISSAN dealer. If you can do it yourself drop your tank and replace the float inside. If not it shoulden't cost too much.

It might be wise not to put more than one bottle of the techron in at a time. Maybe one bottle in every consecutive fill up. (max 2 bottles) Trust NISSAN to clean the injectors. They do an excelent job and charge $65.00. You wont regret it!

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SHAWN, I had the same kind of problem with an old bronco I had. I would put gas in and it would regeister as full until I drove it for while, It turned out to be the float and the wire that leads up to the needle from the tank. What happen is that some how, the float had busted and would fill up with air as I was filling my tank, Then it would rise to the top and read as full, after a while the air would escape and the float would then fill up with gas and sink, making it look like I had sucked up alot of fuel in a short time. Get the float check, its better than running out of gas, Trust Me!

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