Can anyone tell me where I can find the fuel filter on the car. Any special instructions or tips for changing it?


It’s on the right side of the engine bay (right side when looking out the windshield) attached to the strut tower about halfway down. It looks like a little silver can with one black hose going into the top of it and one black hose coming out of the bottom.

Take off the gas cap, take out the fuel pump fuse in the fuse box by your battery. It should show you where it is on the cover. (Note: Fuel Pump fuse is in fuse box by left foot in North American s14. Shawn Schembri)

Crank the engine and it should start, then immediately die. Loosen the clamp on the top hose and slide the clamp up on the tube, then tighten it so that it squeezes the tube shut a bit (not too much to rip the tubing!!), then do the same for the lower tube. Now mine was a bitch to get off because the filters have nipple like plastic tubes coming off the filter that can seize to the rubber fuel tubing a bit because the tubing gets hard over time. It took some effort to get the damn tubing off. (Note: Twist the fuel filter while holding the tubing. The twisting will help loosen the connection. Pulling straight out will only result in cut knuckles or a sore elbow. Resist the urge to use pliers on the tubing, it'll damage them and cause a leak. Dave Balingit)

Once they are off some gas will spill out so I'd put a old rag or towel underneath the filter to absorb any gas that spills. Oh, and don't smoke! (if you do)

Then put the new one in and attach the hoses. Re-tighten the clamps where they were on the original. Overall if the tubing comes off easily its a 15-20 minute job.

Kris -- 1990 240SX 

These hoses are hard to remove.


Pliers can and should be used. Just put several plys of tape or a towel over the rough part on the pliers. This will protect the hose from being torn and damaged. Then do some twisting and working of the hardened hose. Then finally you can pull off the hose. Never pull from the beginning. If you have enough slack just cut the hose ,which will give you a snug fit when you re-attach it.

Brett S.
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Can't get the top hose off?

I just replaced my fuel filter again the other day and found that if you remove the bottom hose first you will then be able to pull the filter out and twist it away from the top hose - that's the one that gives us the most problems. After I slid off the hose clamp the bottom hose came off rather easily! BTW - Use the late model 300zx fuel filter as described in the Product Reviews, it really helped speed the revs up dramatically.

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