I need some advice... All of you with lowered cars will sympathize with me-especially lowered S14s! I am getting tired of buying new air dams and paying for professional painting when I "snow plow" something nice and hard. The spoiler I have right now on the front of my '95 is in good enough shape to pull off, resand and fill in the gashes and what not. What is a good, flexible, durable product to use to repair holes and gashes on a part that gets painted and needs to flex? Bondo is obviously out of the question. I am going to have paint mixed at a local body shop and airbrush it myself. Help!!! Thanks.

Chris R
'95 SE (with that damn low hanging front spoiler!)

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I don't know exactly what the lower spoiler is made out of? but if it is the same as the front fascia it would be a R.I.M. substrate & your right about the bondo, any silicate based fillers wont work. What you need to go with is either an elastomeric resin based or a epoxy filler with a fiberglass strand to mend the spoiler, then go over it with a marine epoxy resin. Both are available at your local automotive supply dealer. The problem with most flexible plastics used on automobiles is adhesion, in order to give the parts flexibility in both cold and hot climates molders used various polymer configurations most containing siloxanes & olefins, these are slippery wee devils :-) nothing wants to stick to them, which makes the molder very happy, because they don't get stuck in his mold, but drives Paint guys like me crazy. So when you are going to repair the area, clean it first with a fairly aggressive solvent like an acetate, (Isobutyl Acetate) works best on a rim substrate, it will etch the surface and give you a good bond between the substrate and your repair material. and remember to extend the repair at least three inches beyond the fracture, to give it a good flex modulus. Depending on the severity of the damage you may want to repair the damage from the inside first with one of those fiberglass patches then use the epoxy resin on the exterior to fill in the cavity. then prime it, paint it, clearcoat it and watch out for those FU*@*ING speedbumps & railroad crossings.