Allight I got enough money saved up to buy exhaust intake and headers...what should I go with? My friend has a pace setter on his RX-7 and he hates it. It's a little too nasty sounding for me ( at least on his RX-7 ) How do they sound on a 240? Hehehe, I'm tossing this one out about a flow master? I got the little resonator taken off my exhaust, and the guy at the muffler shop told my he put a flowmaster on a 240 and it sounded real nice. Also I'm thinking about just getting a muffler and getting it welded on. I don't have to get a full cat-back do I? Would it be bad if i just replaced the muffler and not get a full cat-back? What about headers? Who makes good headers? I heard that pace setters headers aren't too bad. I need to hear what some of you guys went with on your cars. i'm having a hard time finding headers for the 240. Thanks everyone. Sorry about a whole letter of questions.

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Hmmmm.... I think the cheapest high-quality performance exhaust for the 240 would be the HKS system. However, its abit more than your $200-$250 price range. The HKS is going for $399 at and I think they give 10% off to list members if I'm correct. So figure $360. Don't count on my word on the discount though. I thought they were giving us 10% off but I could be wrong. Pace Setter makes one around $150 I think which is "ok" but I heard it is kinda on the loud side and is cheaply made. The HKS in my opinion is worth the money. The GReddy and Borla systems really don't offer more performance for the money. Your just paying for the stainless steel, besides the name. The GReddy exhaust is actually ceramic coated except for the muffler and tip which are stainless. You are paying for the HKS name too but the HKS is made of ceramic coated aluminum or steel I think. I've had mine for about 3 1/2 years and its still holding up. There is a little rust on the welds but other than that the muffler looks fine and the tips look brand new. I get under there sometimes and scrape some rust away with a wire brush, then paint over it with high temp aluminum colored engine paint that keeps the rust from building up. The HKS also comes with dual stainless steel tips also that look "stock" (but better than stock ;). The GReddy has one big tip thats about 4 1/2 or 5 inches (basically coffee can size). As far as sound goes, the HKS is a tad louder in my opinion than the GReddy. My friend has a GReddy system with the 80mm piping on his S14 and compared to his mine is a lot louder. However, I've had mine for 3 1/2 years and exhaust tend to get abit louder with age since there baffling starts to break up inside. Don't get me wrong, the GReddy is still louder and sounds better than the stock system but the HKS seems to get down a bit lower for some reason. I think its because the GReddy comes with one big tip on it (too damn big in my honest opinion) but the HKS has two, what look to be "resonating" tips that flow well. In the morning during warm up when the car is idling fast I can put my hand over one of the pipes and it makes a farting sound as it sucks and blows my hand (no comments please ;). I've noticed that it shoots steam out of it up here in the cold weather of NJ about 5 feet in a straight line while im warmin up. If you really didn't want to spend the money you could get a custom mandrel bent system with a Dynomax muffler (or similar) and get a 4 inch stainless tip for it (like a BroSpeed tip). I bought 2 Brospeed 3" tips for my girlfriends 1993 S13 because hers were rusting out. I got Midas to weld them on for $15. Two 3" stainless steel tips look pretty damn cool on the stock muffler. The look kinda like a "Remus" exhaust. My .02. :)

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I have a UltraFlo muffler intalled on my 240, and it is very loud. The piping is stil stock, except the previous owner seems to have removed the first resonater. I feel this may contribute a lot to the noise level. But as a suggestion to anyone who wants a quiet exhaust for your  240, the older Greddy dual tip exhaust systems are very quiet. It's not very much louder than stock. And it costs a lot cheaper than the Single tip Greddy exhausts. I personally like the Greddy exhausts systems, a lot of it coming from the fact that they have gotten certification from the California Highway Patrol for noise levels.   Any of you who have gotten tickets for exhaust noise may find this interesting, becauseGreddy will send you a copy of this certification on request. A get out of jail free card? As far as the Pace Setter exhausts are concerned, their prices are cheap, and as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

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I have a Dynamax Super Turbo Muffler,2.75 in and out. I had the entire pipe (cat back) replaced with 2.75 aluminized pipe. I also installed a brospeed 4 inch tip. The Exhaust was a little loud until i installed the tip,Now it isn't much louder than stock with a   lower pitch sound a low RPM (under 3000)above that it is actually quiter than the stock. There is no resonator now. The whole system was $175.00.

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I have tried two exhaust systems(no, I'm not that rich). The HKS system worked well and the noise level did not seem too intrusive. But, I live in Europe and drive on German autobahns at 110 mph (+). The first time I did this for an extended period, the exhaust heat burnt two nice 1" diameter holes through the HKS muffler where the gases enter and are divided into two jets. No amount of repair sufficed to prevent this recurring. So. I replaced the system with a Greddy: a little louder but no more burn through problems in 7000 miles. I  think power levels are a little higher on this system, too.

Recording of a remus exhaust


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How to get a great exhaust system for little or nothing.


Instead of "wasting" money on a less restrictive muffler, I simply removed the muffler. This on my 1998 240, saved about 20 lbs.  After you take off the muffler, cut off the curved pipe that bolts onto the exhaust pipe. You will need this later. I then took some stainless steel exhaust tubing, cut it to fit from where the muffler connected, welded the curved pipe, and that's it. For looks I added a 4" diameter tip on the end. The power increase is incredible! Also at idle, the noise without the muff is as quiet with the muff on.


I have a Borla Cat-back exhaust and its the best. 100% Stainless Steel. You can also get the gasket stainless steel. The gasket I am talking about is the one that sits in the rear of the cat and where the cat-back pipe bolts on to. You can get this  gasket from your nearst NISSAN DEALER. Just ask for part number: 20692-P9000. It runs for a little over $5. The Borla exhaust system I have is for 89-94 240's. Find a BORLA dealer and ask for part number: 14342. The exhaust system runs for $426.41 plus shipping and taxes from your nearest Pepboys. The exhaust is retailed for over $600.00, not a bad deal. Get it and go race a honda!

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I put on the APEX "RS Series" universal exhaust. It looks like a mini Greddy/Trust muffler (Stainless Steel) And it has a slanted tip, a bit smaller than the greddy one. It only comes w/the muffler, no piping. It retails from $170-200. I put it on w/2" cat back piping (please don't give me that 2 1/2" piping drama, back pressure baby, get a clue 2" is perfect) anyway, the tone is really deep and not the slightest bit annoying, and it will only rattle a little when you're boning out, but it's a sweet, clean sound. Its not as loud as all those HKS, Dyno-max, Borla, whatever.

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I purchased a HKS Super Drager exhaust and noticed a 4 HP gain, over stock. The Super Drager cost more than most exhaust. Mandrel
bent piping, powder coated, canster polished alum 80mm tip. The exhaust is easy to install with all hardware and gaskets included
in the kit. It has a deep but quiet sound. Looks kick-A. Very nice and I highly recommend it. I had one on my Silvia in Okinawa and
was pleased.
The Drifter.

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