SR20DET Swap
I am wondering how hard is it to find and install the SR20DET engine into a 95 240 SX and if anyone here has done it. If so what parts did you need to complete the swap and where did you source the parts from? Any special things to consider before, during or after the swap? Did it pass emmissions afterwards? Was the swap worth the time, money and effort put into it? Approximate cost? Thanks for the help!

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A friend of a friend is just putting the finishing touches on his conversion. I will definitely let you know everything he did. I haven't seen the car yet because it's been in a garage for a month. I can' t wait to take a ride in this bad boy!

Chris R
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There is a company in Chicago called SOKO, they sell SR20DET engines with trannies, they also sell the RB26DETT-the Skyline engine, the SR20DET is 2500 bucks, got a couple of friends with the DET in their Sentra SE-R and NX2000's, we are all on the SE-R mailing list. If U want the stats on the DET powered SE-R, they are 12's in the 1/4mile at 120 MPH..... thats for a unmoddifyed engine- just DET. The Skyline should fit right in, but I don't know if U will be able to drive that thing, with over 300HP, the 240SX would be spinning its tires in the 3rd gear- just like my friends SE-R DET. If U want more INFO on any DET(T) engine dropp me a line, I have ORIGINAL NISSAN SKYLINE and Sylvia brochures.

Mike J.
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Name: Russ Owens
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Swapping the KA24D sounds like a good idea, but if you care about leagal matters, it is illegal to put an engine in a car that is older than the car. SO it would be legal to putthe KA24 in the old S12 200SX, but not legal to put the 3.0 V-6 in a newer car. What can I say the nazi police don't believe in limitless possibilities