My 1995 240SX ran great for 3 years, through last night. This morning it cranks over fine but won't start. It sounds like it doesn't have any compression. What's going on?


1995 240SX, no engine mods. Worked great for about 60K miles, then one very cold morning about 8 months ago it wouldn't start. It cranked over just fine, but sounded like it didn't have any compression. Lo and behold, there was NO COMPRESSION. Blew compressed air through the spark plug holes with a leakdown tester (which was reading an alarming 100%!) and listened to the exhaust pipe and intake. Air was getting through the intake valves. I figured the chain had broken and all valves had bent. As a last resort, I pulled the valve cover and sprayed WD40 on the tops of the valves and let it soak a while. Suddenly I had compression again, the car started and ran fine. Turns out garbage had built up on the intake valves from a constant charge of especially substandard (Arco) gasoline, eventually making all valves stick open. I haven't had the problem since, and have been using only Chevron with Techroline. This gas has come recommended by many who know what they're doing! Do your valves and injectors a favor and use it. No, I don't work for Chevron, but just use some kind of clean gas and be mindful that it certainly makes a difference!

Scott Eckersall
Email: [email protected]