The drivers door lock always freezes this winter, I tried a wd-40 type spray and lithium grease (too thick) and no luck. should I degrease the lock completely? is graphite the best way to go?

Fred Sheltry
[email protected]

I had the same problem after some rain this winter. The water gets into the lock mechanism and then freezes. I just used one of those "lock de-icer" vials you can stick under your bumper, etc for emergencies. It lets you get the fluid right into the lock. That seemed to work fine and kept it from refreezing for quite a while.

Jonathan Hede
[email protected]

Try putting powdered graphite in the keyhole ... i've used it a few times ... you can get it in most auto parts stores and it's not more than a couple of bucks ... DO NOT use WD-40 or lithium grease ... WD-40 gets sticky and lithium grease will gum up ... if you've already used these than ya' might have a problem adding the powdered graphite 'cuz it's probably gonna' make "mud" when it mixes with the lube ... but if ya' havn't used any lubricants, the graphite works really well.

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