My 89 hinges are loose... what is the easiest way of fixing it???

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define loose. the hinge pivot? the way it holds to the door or the car. if it's the hinge, (get a friend) gut the wiring from the door and CAREFULLY (while the door is supported) remove the "e" clip for both pins. then remove said pin, then remove the door from the car. the hinge looks like it's got bushings in it. these can be replaced and if the pins are not worn, the pins can be re-used. I know ford has a kit for this for the mustangs. (cover the door and fender lip with masking tape, it'll let you slip up a bit and not scratch the paint) when the bushings and pins are replaced, the door will not need to be re-aligned (unless they were adjusted to compensate for the failing hinge) the first time, close the door CAREFULLY.