I have a 91 240sx se and my dash lights will not dim. Yes... I have tried the rotary knob on the dash, but nothing, is the switch bad? Am I nuts? HELP!!!!

Alex C. Pieper

You're not nuts. The switch is bad. a new one from the dealer is about $60

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Hi Alex!

We can't say if you're nuts or not, but we suspect the "dimmer" switch for your dash lights is finished. Try http://www.NissanAutoParts.com for a price on a new one.

'91 s13


Under the driver side kick panel, is a timer control module. this little white box (about the size of a sandwich) controls a number of small functions including the dimming function on your dash lights. If you are good with fairly easy circuit boards, you can remove this box, open it  up and look for any burnt printed circuit lines.  I was installing a radio which had a dimmer function built in and back feed the system, blew out the whole dash (lights at least). I thought I killed all of those little hidden bulbs in the dash and buttons. Bought the Chilton manual and read the wire diagrams. Good luck

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