The dashlights which backlight the heater/AC section (buttons) sometimes come on, sometimes light after a few minutes and sometimes do not come on at all (when the main lights are turned on of course). I have had the dash off and all of the connections seem to be OK.

The car is a 92 240SX LE (coupe).

Any ideas?

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I had the same exact problem with my 95' 240sx se, but it turned into not ever working.   What it is, is if you take all the plastics off the a/c unit, you will find a stupid little light bulb that needs replacement.



Before you go and try to take the whole A/C unit out of the car, just unscrew the 4 screws holding it in. The connections in the back are hard as hell to get back on, especially the one that goes to the temperature slider. If you look on the top of the A/C  unit you will see one screw. There is a long slender tab that points away from the screw. It is held down on one end with some type of snap. Just lift up the tab. Under it you will see two things that look like plastic screws. These are the light bulbs that illuminate the buttons and the slider guides. Remove these without stripping the plastic. This is much easier than having to take the whole unit out.

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