I have an '89 240SX coup with the HUD(head up display), and my entire dash light, including the speedometer, is not working at all. It doesn't bother me too much that I   can't see the dash at night, but what really bugs me is that the fuel will cut off if  the rpm goes over 3200. This really affect the fun factor of driving the car. I   talked to one other owner with the same model witht the same HUD, and he told me he has  the same problem. And I know of a Maxima owner that also has the HUD and he also has  the same problem. Does anyone else have the same problem? How do you fix it?   Incidentally, my tachometer still works, go figure.


I have had the same problem with my '92 240SX. At first, the dashboard lights, including the HUD, would not light up until after the car warmed up.  Over the course of a year, yhe wait time got longer and longer, until finally   it stopped working altogether except for when I started the car in the middle  of a very hot day. That was when I realized the problem was somehow  temperature related. The Long Beach (CA) Nissan dealer said the problem was a  speedo sensor, which I felt could not be it because the entire dash was out.  I think the  solder/circuit board solution sounds right. A friend suggested  pulling the entire dashboard out of a junker and installing that rather than  messing with the circuit board. At this point I have done nothing, and would  welcome suggestions

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I hate, I mean HATE Nissan digital dash units (they're not made to last). That's one reason I sold my 300ZX.

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I have had the same problem with my 1989 Coupe. At the time I only had headers and an exhaust with only 11,000 miles, so they cover the fix under warranty. I believe they changed out the "HUD Controller". Other  than that, I don't really know what else they did besides repair two rust spots, fixthe rear lamps, replace the moonroof shade, fix the non-returning clutch pedal... it was a lemon at the time. Everything works fine now, including the latest "improvements"...(for those of you who already know :) Thank God for bumper to bumper warranty!

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Hi All
The HUD units in Nissans can suffer from cracked or dry solder joints on a couple of ceramic printed circuit boards inside the HUD dash. They can be fixed. I've done it. I would recomend you take the units to someone who can RELIABLY re-flow solder surface mount type circuit boards. I have offered before to fix units in Australia for minimal cost, if someone with the skills in the US wants to do it just drop me an email and I'll tell you what to look for inside and you can do them.

PS I have a web site BTW http://www.picknowl.com.au/sneezy/180sx
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Check the timer control box, located underneath the fuse box by your left foot, must take panel off first...i had this problem and after i switched the box with my friend's box from his car...the dash lights worked...first check the connection though...as for your speedo not working properly check the connection of your speedo sensor underneath the car by the tranny and your speedo cable located bechind your dash lights, if your car cut out at around 3200 rpm (which mine did also) these two things you should look into, after i did this, problem solved

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I have 91 240sx with the HUD system, all of the dash light would not come on. What I did is took the dash apart to take out the intrustment panel, people told it is the power pack behind the intrustment panel that was out. I took to a speedo shop a cost me $300 to fix. They told me that is what usually goes out on Nissan speedos

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