I am having a crackling sound from the sunroof when I am driving. Does anybody have the same problem? Any tips on fixing this problem? Thanks

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I have a 1989 SX SE with the manual sunroof. I have a creaking sound from the moonroof, which is caused by the glass roof not sealing tightly against the metal roof. There were plastic "washers" attached inside the latch used to secure the roof when closed, which provided an extremely tight fit when closed. They came from the factory attached with adhesive, but soon after they fell out, I never replaced them since I had no problems with leaks or excessive wind noise. But as the car gets older (ie. "looser"), I wish I still had them to put back, since I feel this would stop the creakink and excesive wind noise above 60mph.  Hope this helps.

Paul (Pavel) Klein

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A friend of mine has an 89 Maxima that had some problems with sunroof noise. One day he was driving along on the freeway, and after a little while he had noticed some extra noise, but didn't pay much attention to it. Well, when he finally got to where he was going, he got out of the car and found that his sunroof had blown off!!!! He has replaced it, and now, to make sure it doesn't happen again, he used a sunroof shield. It has proven effective for reducing over all wind noise, and maybe it will save him from another $800.00 repair. I'm not sure if this would be the same situation as some of you maybe experiencing with your suroofs, but just in case, I thought i'd mention it.

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More like bad wind noise along with the crackle. Recently purchased a 97 LE that has a sunroof problem. Car is still under warranty, but Nissan can't seem to fix the problem. I find that the best solution to the sunroof dilemma is to not close the roof all the way. Close the roof, then tap the button so that it's not closed all the way. This should work.

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My sunroof made that same irritating sound at highway speeds. I solved it by unscrewing the plastic latch and inserting a couple of lock washers on the screw between the metal of the roof and the latch body. This lowered the height of the latch body and now my roof shuts with a very satisfying thunk, though it does admittedly take more effort to open and shut it. The seal is much improved, and the noise has been eliminated. Now if only I could get those whistling windows and squeaking springs to pipe down...

Gabe Handel
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I did the handle tightening adjustment, but still had this problem so, I called a sunroof place and explained my problem them. They recommended simply rubbing vasoline around the top seal of the sunroof. As the rubber ages, the rubber becomes more pourous and the vasoline fills and restores the rubber. Fixed it for me. Also restores other aged rubber.


'89 240 se