How can I get my 240 to draw only cold air?

First, a custom intake that draws from under the old intake box (sealed from the engine compartment) Next, bypass the coolant lines on the throttle body (this is a very simple procedure - remove the lines from the throttle body, take off the top one (that went to the left, and use the one on the bottom to loop the coolant around  to the top) The next thing I've been testing, is to take the breather hose off the valve cover, I got a 4 inch piece, and a small breather filter, and put the two together, insert the hose onto the old fitting in the valve cover, and zip tied it in place. I plugged the hole in the intake hose. This seems to produce a lot more consistent power, it never heats up after a run.

Hugh Thomas
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Is there anything better than the K&N cone style filter?


Yes. Unbeknownst to many people, K&N makes a stock filter replacement that works just as well. Why would you want to do this? Simple- if you're lazy, like me, you could just drop it in, getting the effect of a better filter but drawing in cooler air from the outside. But since I love my car so dearly, I cut a wider hole and put a custom made (Tap Plastics does wonders) air duct on my air box, running from the scoop passing thru a new air hole under the light. COLDER air is denser air, and the cooler your intake the more efficient it is. I insulated all this with thin Reflectex (Home Depot) insulation up to the intake. Effect: Especially for drivers in places like California, (where I am) the heat from the engine (I measured 153 degrees in the engine compartment right next to the brake cylinder on a 90 degree day) can kill the advantages of a larger internal filter. The way I have it, the air hits my intake at about 10-15 degrees above outside temperature, giving the motor noticeably more power.

Scott ('89 S13)
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Homemade Cold Air Intake

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all you need from home depot is:

1 3 in rubber right angle adaptor (has hose clamps)
1 3 in straight rubber adaptor (""""""""")
1 3 in to 2 in rubber adaptor ("""""""")

1 3" pipe bent at muffler shop to replace upper intake pipe. Two hookups, mine are brass in the same location as the PCV and other value on the intake pipe, just tap drill and seal.

Cut hole under air box big enough for a 3 stainless pipe to pass through, and the   pipe. Hook up the intake pipe like stock. Use the 3 to 2 in adaptor to hook upper pipe to MAF. Hook the MAF to the lower pipe with the 3 in rubber right angle. Hook hook filter to pipe going through fender. I used a short piece of PVC and another adaptor and hooked my filter to the adaptor with a piece of a leaf blower attachment, but if the pipe is long enough, you could use just it. Also did it so the rubber adaptor would absorb the pipe bouncing around. 

I have not had any problems to date with water or the engine. Some of it could be done a bit better, but time was not really available and I've not went back and changed anything

Hope this helps

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