Dave Hillman writes:

The clutch pedal has about one inch of play from the top before the linkage moves at all. The 240 had its 80,000 mile checkup at the dealer the day before we bought it from my significant other's mother, and they claim that's normal. I'm skeptical. Is it?


David Hillman


Hi Dave-

We'll quote from our Factory manual:

Adjust Clutch Pedal

1. Adjust pedal height with pedal stopper or ASCD (cruise control) cancel switch.

Pedal height from the top of the pedal pad to the floor directly behind it is 7.32 - 7.72 inches (186-196 mm)

2. Adjust pedal free play with master cylinder push rod. Then tighten lock nut.

Pedal free play = .039 - .118 inches (1-3 mm) Pedal free play means the total measured at position of pedal pad:

3. Play due to clevis pin and clevis pin hole in clutch pedal.

Make sure that the clevis pin can be rotated smoothly. If not, readjust pedal free play with master cylinder push rod.

Looking at the numbers here and if we understood you correctly, your pedal height is out of spec. We drive a Slush-O-Matic so we don't have a comparison for you.

Let us all know how things go.

'91 s13