Where can I get clear front turn signal lenses for my S13?

The clear front turn signal lenses are a Nissan part, mostly special order for your local dealer.  
Courtesy Nissan has them in stock. They were about $15 a piece.  Part numbers: 26126-65E00 and 26121-65E00.
Please note that the lenses are for 89-90 only

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A way to make ur own clear turn signals is to go get clear cutable plastic or   plexiglass and trace an outline of your orange ones onto the clear and make   the cuts, it should be too big but thats ok,youll need sandpaper to sand it down to the  proper size and then measure the holes to be able to screw in.you can also    put chrome  vinyal in it or spray chrome paint into it for the light to be brighter.it  really does come out pretty good and attracts attention to you turbocharged  240sx

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Where can I get clear corners for my 240sx?


You will be amazed what they have for our 240s.

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Where to find clear lenses for S13 and S14
In addition to homemade, clearcorners.com, and stock nissan parts, JSPEC.com also offers clear lenses for the S13 as well as front side bumper lenses for the S14
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