Three clutches are available from Centerforce that will fit on to the 240sx. They are the Centerforce I (or Centerforce Gold), The Centerforce II, and the Centerforce Dual Friction. The Centerforce I offers 30% more holding capacity than a stock OEM clutch while maintaining a stock pedal feel.

The Centerforce II provides 60% greater holding capacity over a standard factory clutch. It is recommended for use with mildly modified vehicles used for street and strip.

The Centerforce Dual Friction generates up to a 90% increase in holding capacity over stock systems. The Dual Friction is designed for use with engines producing high horsepower and torque output, and radically altered high performance street vehicles. The Dual Friction clutch utilizes a specially formulated Thermal Resin compound on one side to maintain optimum performance at the much higher temperatures generated by many of today's hi-tech vehicles. The opposite side uses a Non- Asbestos disc facing for maximum friction (at lower operating temperatures) and smooth, easy engagement.

All Centerforce clutch systems provide smooth engagement and light pedal pressure without compromising high performance.

Use the following to locate the part number of the Centerforce clutch for your application. Prices are manufacturers list prices effective March 1997. You will find shopping around will get you better prices than suggested list prices.

  240sx sohc 240sx dohc List Price
Engine size 2389cc 2389cc  
Production date 07/87 - 07/90 91 - 95  
Size 8- 7/8 8- 7/8  
Spline size 24 x 1 24 x 1  
Centerforce I CF402583 CF402583 $237.95
Centerforce II CFT583402 CFT583402 $274.95
Centerforce Dual Friction DF583402 DF583402 $348.95
Throw out bearing 016 ---

Is the wear and tear extended?

In terms of wear at this time i can not say. i have had the clutch for about 10,000 miles with a 110,000 miles on the old one. the old one had about another 10-15,000 miles left on it. i wouldn't suggest replacing the clutch with a centerforce for the sake of replacing it. but if you are due, the dual friction centerforce was a noticeable improvement. this is not an observation based on old clutch vs. new clutch but i also have a nissan truck with the ka24e engine.

There is a difference in how the dual friction engages, much quicker and with greater certainty in pedal feel without feeling heavy. in terms of dumping the clutch for quick starts, watch out! the wheels are quickly engaged and quick to spin. in high speed runs there is a noticeable improvement in passing especially from 75-100mph as a result of less slipping compared to a stock unit.

Considering the cost difference between a stock clutch and the dual friction, when the time comes i would not hesitate to go with the dual friction. if nothing else, you will enjoy the new feel of the pedal in terms of engagement and makes the car that much more driveable.

Herb Jabs
[email protected]