1) I hear of break upgrades, are these stock nissan parts?

2) What cars are they taken from? (300zx?) year?

3) How much actual modification is needed if any?

4) Are aftermarket brackets needed?

5) What do they cost?

6) Which Manufacturers?

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Re. 1

2) Euro and Aus/NZ spec (turbo) S14's have "final series" 300ZX/Skyline GTS brakes standard. Unfortunately the stock pads have very high wear rates. Why am I adding this? Because "factory" components to fit the brakes may be available to you if needed.

6) AP Racing in the UK have a package under development. They tell us it's going to be a bolt-on for Euro spec S14s.

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Re. 2

Brake upgrades for 240sx's(actually Nissans in general) can consist of easily bolting on Bigger Nissan parts! i.e. Skyline, 300zx.  Like with the 200sx, if you get a machine shop to match a set of Maxima rear brakes to fit over the 200sx bolt pattern, the calipers will fit as a bolt on! All you have to do is cut away the slash guard. Same type of mods can be done to the 240sx!  Either have the Rotors matched, or change the hub assembly, and you can fit either the 300zx or the Skyline brakes with ease! KVR actually sells the Skyline brakes as un upgrade. Just make sure your wheels are big enough!

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Re. 3

The 300ZX or Skyline GT-R, GTS-T, etc, brakes are a straight bolt on upgrade. The only thing that needs to be modified is the back plate. You need to trim the back plate because the larger brake rotors will hit.  On a S14 the 300ZX brakes will fit with the factory alloys on the SE. I used to use them and they worked great. Now I have a set of Brembos that work even better.

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