I got a 95, I'm not too sure what this is, but I know its probally somthing simple. I think my rotors are bent.

When I go to stop, I feel my steering start to shake like crazy. Then, last night, I wuz flying down the street, racing someone, and I went to stop and a deep grinding sensation was felt.

(a)What causes this? (b)Is it the pads? (c)Is it the rotors? (d)Is it both?

How much $$$$ am I looking at for the fix?


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Sounds like you're in for a brake job. The rotors are warped. This is generally caused from overheating and possibly too rapid cooling. Like running cold water on them after getting them smokin' hot from quick stops. When you get them fixed, make sure to have the lug nuts torqued properly. 72 - 87 ft. lbs. Tighten them in a star pattern.

Is the grinding sound kinda' high pitched and metallic or more like a low grunt? High and metallic could be the wear indicators. Every once-in-a-while we get the low grunt on a hard stop. Don't know exactly what that's all about. Sounds like that is what you heard. We'd like more info. on this! Anybody?

Wanna do the job yourself? Getting new pads, having the rotors turned (usually the place you buy the pads from will do this free!), and a bit of effort from you will be all that's needed. Of course, a manual helps immensely to show how the parts are all related. (We know you have the Factory one! :) )

Doing the rears? Remember the piston is screwed back into the caliper, not pressed liked the fronts.

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Your rotors are warped, odds are there gonna be beyond cutting, i STRONGLY suggest against cutting the rotors, if they are wrped, your gonna have the same problem in a few weeks or months, depending on how much driving ou do. what i suggest is that you,

1. make sure the calipers are ok, that the pistons slide back into their bore
2. get a set of rotors
3. a new set of pads
4. and a couple of spare afternoon hours. after this, you should have no problem. I also suggest that you get your rotors from summit, their very reasonable and they are cross drilled, they'll stay much cooler, and get the vgx pads to go with it.hope this was a help

Joe Mingioni
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