How do get rid of that roar coming from the front when I'm under heavy braking?


I've had that problem for a while now. While doing a brake inspection (front and rear), I noticed that one rotor (passenger side front)was harder to free-turn than the others. I went to pull the caliper, but it wouldn't come off! After some persuasion from an 1-1/8" wrench, it finally popped off. I inspected the rotor, and found that it actually had an impression on it from where the caliper was sitting. I cleaned it thoroughly (and the brake pads too) with brake-kleen, and put the caliper back on. No more roar -- and no more brake squeal either. Maybe the caliper was just wedged on at a slight angle or something, but it's  spinning easier now.

Brent Lykins
Email: [email protected]