I got a great idea for all of you. I found out that you can change your stock flasher to a high performance strobe affect that just going to cost no more that a 25 cents. Here's the trick, first find your signal relay, to find your relay, first turn on your hazards, then hear the clicking sound and try to find the clicking sound under the steering column inside you car. Pinpoint the exact one by holding each relay while its clicking and feeling if the relay has a heart beat. When removed, the the hazards and flashers won't work, now you found the right one. Its all about trial and error. Next open the relay, then you'll see a circuit board with a kind of big funny looking object that has windings and windings of wire looking like a coil. Now hears the tricky part. Find a capacitor that says 4.5uf 12v, or something like that. Some relays may have two, for the two model relays, one has to be replaced with a capacitor(I'll tell you later). Now for the single capacitor relays, desolder the capacitor and replace it with a different capacitor. The different capacitor your looking for is a 1.5uf 12v or a 1uf 12v. The v. on the capacitor can be used if the v. is 12 or higher. But on the uf part. after replacing the capacitor and resoldering it on now your ready to check it. To check it replace the relay at the place where you got it from on your car then turn on the hazards if you did it correctly then the strobe will start, if not then some thing is wrong. If the both signal lights on you car are on than here's the troubleshooting. Check the solder make sure its not touching other terminals, check if the capacitor is hooked up at the same terminals(+ goes to +, - goes to -). Or the capacitor is too fast for the relay. Change it to a number higher than the capacitor.(2uf 12v.). E-mail me if you have any more questions.

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How do I make my blinker blink faster?

All you have to do is unscrew your front two turn signal lenses and then carefully disconnect(in order to make it easier to put back) the ground wire leading to each light. This should do it!

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