Frank Otta writes:

Anyway my 92 coupe has ABS which were working until suddenly the dashlight came on and they stopped functioning. I had to turn off the engine and when I restarted it, lo and behold the ABS was working again. Any ideas as to what the problem is/was?





There is a self diagnosis for the ABS System. The ABS Controller is in the rear of the car on the left (driver's) side. It has an L.E.D. to flash and offer codes to help you determine what's wrong.

Drive the car for at least 1- minute at 19 mph or above. Leave the car running (parked of course!) and count the number of flashes on the Controller L.E.D. When the repairs have been made (and the car turned off and restarted), repeat the Self-Diagnosis procedure. If there are more than 2- circuits malfunctioning at the same time, the L.E.D. will flash for only one of the problems. After that has been fixed, the L.E.D. will now flash for the next circuit. And so on.

The L.E.D. codes are as follows:

1 = Left front actuator solenoid circuit.
2 = Right front actuator circuit.
3 = Rear actuator solenoid circuit.
4 = Same as 3.
5 = Left front rotor sensor circuit.
6 = Right front rotor sensor circuit.
7 = Rear rotor sensor circuit.
8 = Same as 7.
9 = Actuator motor, motor relay circuit.
10 = Actuator solenoid valve relay
16 = Control Unit

Note: If the Warning Light activates and the L.E.D. is OFF, check the power supply or ground circuit for Control Unit.

Certain driver induced faults, such as not releasing the parking brake fully, excessive wheel spin on low traction surfaces, high speed acceleration or riding the brake pedal may set fault codes and trigger a warning lamp. These induced faults are not system failures but examples of vehicle performance outside the parameters of the control unit.


We got all this info from our Factory and Chilton manuals. Since you say that it's been snowing and such, we guess that the driver induced faults are where your mystery lives. Let us know!

BTW- This is from our '91 manual. Those that have different year manuals, please check to see if it applies!!

'91 s13