What is to become of the 240SX after the 1998 model year? Will it continue into 1999 or will it be replaced? If its replaced, what will it be replaced with?

Adrian Ramotar
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There's a new Silvia due in Japan for the '99 model year. Don't have any hard facts on it though.

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Re. 2

From my understanding, it will be discontinued. if it is replaced (under a different name, possibly a Z), it will be downmarketed.

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Re. 3

I heared about three months ago from a local Nissan dealer that the 300ZX is bye,bye, but the 240's will still be around. But rumours abound.

I'm kinda wondering now if the 240 will be a Z? Good explaination would be the 30 year anniverary of the Z in 1999, and the first was a 240, so why not a 30 year anniversary late-model 240? That would be cool!

LJ, 1992 240SX SE Hatchback
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Re. 4

I read an article in Sport Compact Car that Nissan is buying up old Z cars for full restoration and to be sold at dealerships.

Michael Burbank
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Re. 5

Ok, here's the story guys -

The 300ZX (as we know it) is still in production in Japan, with no immediate plans to stop production. It is still sold in Japan, and throughout Europe.

The "Z-Store" concept you refer to, purchasing old Z-Cars, is in full swing. There are 7 (I think) dealerships nationwide that will be receiving them, and in fact most of them have already recevied a few. Steven's Creek Nissan in Santa Clara, CA had a '70 240Z fully restored almost a year ago (as part of this program), and have probably had more come through.

They're not really quite restored, but a damn fine refurbish job. What I mean by that is if you took one of these cars to a Concours class show, the car probably wouldn't do great (it'd probably place, but not win). The reason is they've done some good things to the cars that isn't original. For example:

Suspension work is powder coated, not painted. Early-type SU carbs used regardless of year (flat-tops were used on '73 models) Rear window is a reproduction of a 280Z window, not a 240Z window. Additional insignias, emblems, stickers Painted with basecoat/clearcoat system, not original (although in original color) Other misc stuff that only us Z-nuts would catch. :o)

- Dave
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Re. 6

I believe I read that they are only restoring the 240z's. They are also upgrading the suspension and brakes, and making the engine modern. Kinda cool, but I'd rather do it myself. Kinda takes the fun out of it. =)

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Re. 7

According to Nissan Japan, the 98 version of Silvia (S14) has a "face-lifted" modification than the preceding S14. There's a specially tuned package of Silvia offered by Autech Japan which made that beast capable of 250+hp. This is relatively simular to the Stillen version of 300ZX in the American Market. I did not hear about the due for S15. Nissan Japan is selling S13 and S14 right at this moment.  I think S15 would probably not due unless production of one of the above model had stopped.

About American Market, we all want the new 240sx to have "SR20DET"  engine for true performance, but if that's true, would they need to change the name also ?(like European S14 200SX) A heritage of truck engine would have bad high end hp, also it causes serious vibration and great noise at high rpm. But pay attention it's low end torque of the nature of a truck engine...

By the way, Nissan USA like the KA24 series engines a lot for lower cost perhaps. With 3 of all models sharing the same trait of engine since 1989: King CAB, 240SX, and Altima. The SR20DET (turbocharged version of sentra/200sx engine ?)had never been used on newer models in the American Market, just wondering if it had passed the emission since the very beginning when they started to import S13 (89-240sx). Or just wanted the 300ZX-tt (300hp) not to be distracted by its younger brother when tuned to (250hp+). But the end of 300ZX would perhaps give the 240SX a better focus despite the unpleasant sales figure recently.

Go race a Honda(but not a V6, you know what I mean)

Victor Cheung
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Re. 8

I heard that in 1999 there will be a 240 v-6 and it look very much like the 300zx. Nissan also has another car that they want's to import to America, it's called the Skyline GT-r. It is the fastest car in japan--the sports edition has 400 horse flat.

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Re. 9

I can appreciate the suggestion that Nissan USA likes the KA24 series engines because   of cost (examples sited: Truck, 240SX, Altima). I can't except that though. If the   SR20- series engines were so expensive, why did Nissan decide to fit one in their   economy class car the Sentra. Did they think that by badging it SE-R, it would   suddenly be upclass? I don't think so. I may be mistaken, but I have never seen a   version of the Japanese Sunny with anything bigger than 1.8 liters. That had to be a  costly swap.

Its understandable that the Infinity G20 has the SR20DE because it is so equipped as   the Primera in Japan.

My suggestion is that they wanted to bring back the "240" name in hopes of stirring up  old passions for the late 240Z as well as sales. Nissan was trying to recover from  poor sales of the old S12, the first 200SX. Don't forget that Nissan tried  unsuccessfully turbocharging the S12 as well as stuffing a 3 liter V6 under the hood.  Remember also that S12's have carried SR20E series engines with little in the way of  rave performance reviews.

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Name: Russ Owens
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Well as we speak the new Nissan Z concept car is on the show stands at all sorts of auto shows. You can also see it on their
website (www.nissan-usa.com). What the basic deal from what I have heard is that to make it cost effective it would ahve to be based off an existing platfrom. The concept car uses the 240SX's, but there is also speculation that the ultimate model will use the new Japan market Skyline platform. The car currently has a 200 hp version of the current KA24DE engine. There is also speculation about teh ultimate engine. I have heard that a turbo 2.0l 4 or a 24V 2.0l 6 would be used both with about 200 hp.  They may have ditched that and stuck with the old engine because it is cheap though since they still got the same hp. The
February '99 Automobile has an article about the show car with actual pics of the car, not just drawings. It looks like a newer version of the original 240Z styling and I think they pulled it off well. We will just have to wait to! see what and if it ever gets to the road. Price is rumored to be around $25K, so I am saving my pennies just in case it all hopefully works out.


Name: John

The New Silvia S15 is released in Japan! It is absolutly awsome! Engines-SR20DE or SR20DET(250ps) Trans- Auto, 5 or 6 speed manual. Check it out at www.nissan.co.jp 

Name: Takashi Sato
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Subject: Future 240sx

New japanese version Silvia released mid Jan. 21. you can check the page. However, 240sx might not come to US anymore. Because Nissan's new Z is 2.4L according to Nissan HP in US and it is no reason to make 2 kinds of 2.4L. New silvia design is American Imitation. (I think...) rear end looks like Grand-am and side looks like mustang (Of course more sofisticated) In Japan, now small FR is kind a boom between young ppl. However, no reason for US to make it. If it gonna release, should not 240sx should be 200sx.